Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A 'Daily' Playlist

With Heavy Metal Comedy going daily it seems like an opportune time to put together a theme playlist. Lets make this playlist seven-long, one for each of the dwarfs. Or days of the week. Whatever.


'Easy (Like Sunday Morning)' by Faith No More. I am still confused. Is Sunday the first day of the week or the last? I say first probably because I went to public school and teachers tend to get things wrong 61% of the time (guessing; y'know, public school).


'Monday Monday' by The Mamas and Papas. Like the day, the collection of songs referencing Monday pretty much sucks. Let's go with The Mamas and Papas and watch the video and marvel at how attractive Michelle Phillips once was. Or think of Charles Manson.


'Tuesday's Gone' by Metallica. It's not 'Simple Man' by Deftones. But it fits the theme. I kinda forget how ridiculous the 'Garage, Inc' cover was. So rich. So greasy.


'I Wanna Be Cremated' by Wednesday 13. Many years I wrote a 'I Wanna Be Sedated' parody called 'I Wanna Be Fellated' and wanted to send it in for one Howard Stern's song parody contests. I never did. But in my mind it was so good that they immediately would have hired me for the show. That is what I think about when I sit in a cube.


'Thursday' by Morphine. There should be a lot more songs about Thursday night drinking and/or Friday morning hangovers. Or as I call it 14 years of my life.


'Good Mourning/Black Friday' by Megadeth. Like there was any doubt. Next on the list was 'Friday, I'm in Love' by The Cure. And by next, I mean last. Dead. Fucking. Last. (Not to be confused with Dead. Skin. Mask) If The Cure were a metal band, they would be The Cure. Suck is too nice a word.


'Saturday Night Holocaust' by Neurosis. The Holocaust was bad, we all agree on that (unless you are Pat Buchanan then you don't believe that particular fairy tale). But a Saturday Night Holocaust? Not as bad.

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