Saturday, April 14, 2012

From the Archive: Middle-Aged Goth Chick Forced to Find a New Soundtrack to Her Friday Night Twilight Reading Sessions

Today marks the two-year anniversary of the untimely death of Type O Negative frontman Peter Steele. We look back at some articles in the Heavy Metal Comedy archive from that awful day.

WORCESTER--A bottle of red,  a half-pound of cheese, and a pint of 'Chunky Monkey.' Open up your copy of 'Twilighjt' and put Type O Negative's 'Black No. 1' on repeat and you have the most depressing onslaught of diarrhea this side of chicken vindaloo. But this is also how Sarah Young has spent each Friday night for the last six years, a ritual that she plans to end this Friday out of respect for the recently deceased Peter Steele.
"I always pictured Edward to look a little like Peter until that movie came out and he looked like half a fag," said Young. "But I got over it thanks to booze and 'Black No. 1.' But with Peter gone it may be time to realize that I'm 41, I live in a studio apartment and I am not going to rescued by a sexy vampire."
Young plans to break her 'Type O Twilight' streak next Friday by signing up for e-Harmony and answering at least half of the questions honestly.

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