Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Who vs. Bowie. Who ya got?

It is May 15, or 5/15 to the numerically inclined. A couple of non-heavy metal greats, but greats nonetheless, have songs called 5:15. Let's compare shall we:

Along with Ozzy Osbourne and Kiss, The Who was amongst the first rock bands my older brother was into, thus I was into. I am forever grateful. And 'Quadrophenia' is my favorite album of theirs, so I am a little partial to this. However...

David Bowie also has a warm place in my heart. When I was college, I worked third shift at a grocery store stocking shelves over the summer to pay for school (overnight was an extra $2/hour!) and a dude I worked with got me into Bowie. And I remember watching this particular version of the song on A&E because it was a live show that people could call in requests and Moby called in and promoted the Area 51 tour, which Miss Heavy Metal Comedy and I attended.

So does childhood win over college? Nine times out of ten, the answer is no. But in this case The Who narrowly edges David Bowie. What says you?

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